The New Travel Diet in a Bottle

If you’re a frequent traveler, whether for work or for pleasure, you probably know how difficult it is to find a healthy meal on the road.  You’re in and out of cabs, airports, and hotels, and let’s face it; the offerings are not always ideal out there when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Settling for convenience foods is sometimes the only way you can think of to curb hunger, but what are these nutritionally-void foods actually doing to nourish you when you’re on the go?

Realizing good health is hard enough when you’re busy all of the time, as exercise time is often limited and stress can sometimes build up. To stay healthy and energized, and in the right state of mind to be productive and enjoy life, it’s imperative that you find a way to nourish yourself when you don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal.


Frequent Travelers and Workaholics Embrace Non-GMO and Gluten-Free Shake

Busy people don’t usually have time to make a healthy home-cooked meal, or even search for a restaurant during their travels that will supply them with a balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Sometimes, eating healthy is not even an option should you have the time, as there are many parts of the world where you can’t get quality produce, food, and water even if you wanted it.


So, what’s the solution to good health while you’re traveling, when you’re trying to avoid GMO’s, artificial ingredients, chemical pesticides, gluten, and a myriad of other substances can be detrimental to your health ?

Author Bart Baggett says that 7.2 Greens and Shake are the answer to traveler’s need for healthy on-the-go meals.

On a recent 1-month trip to India, Baggett ate 7.2’s Greens and Shake 3 times a day and was not only able to sustain his health and alkaline lifestyle, he actually loved what he ate.

Mr. Baggett said, “When I travel, I am subject to the menus of the airlines, hotels, and airports. I can carry a small shaker of 7.2 Shake and Greens and mix it with purifying water…even on the plane. I have a few days of green nutrition and protein without eating crappy food. Furthermore, in some parts of the world, the food is hygienically unsafe. These products were my safety net to avoid the stomach problems associated with international travel. As a side benefit, I had more energy each day for my live events and lost 10 pounds on the trip. What a great product.”


If you’re looking for the perfect food for a travel diet, 7.2 Greens and Shake are quite possibly the best products you’ll find.

Where else can you find a vegan and gluten-free shake that’s make with organic ingredients like sprouted greens, Omega-3-rich seeds, and easy to digest protein?

7.2 Greens and Shake are high in fiber and low glycemic, perfect for diabetics and anyone else who is going through health challenges. Not many non-GMO supplements deliver the broad spectrum of nutrients that 7.2 Greens and Shake deliver, and what’s icing on the cake is that you can literally mix the Greens and Shake powder with any healthy liquid to make a filling and taste-bud satisfying meal.

With 7.2 Greens and Shake there are no more excuses for ditching your healthy lifestyle when you’re away from home.


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