How to Prepare a Healthy Meal in 5 Minutes or Less

If you’re most people, you lead a busy life. It doesn’t matter if your days are spent running errands for your family or traveling to and from work, with little time in between for a decent meal. You’ve got a certain number of hours to get everything done, and sometimes preparing healthy meals is the priority that gets left behind.


Down deep, you probably know that you should be eating healthy, but you may not know how to take that first step, or you may think that it’s simply to complicated to prepare a healthy meal.


What if you could have a healthy meal in 5 minutes or less, one that tastes great and keeps you satisfied?


Our 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens powder are the perfect solutions for busy people who are trying to incorporate more alkaline foods into their diet for better health.


It doesn’t matter if you follow a vegan diet, gluten-free diet, or many of the other types of diets that focus on special needs foods. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t adhere to any kind of diet plan at all. Everyone can benefit from the alkaline foods that make up or 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens supplements.


Take the 7.2 Shake, for instance. Just 2 tablespoons of our 7.2 gluten-free shake, mixed with non-diary milk and a few tasty additions, makes a quick vegan breakfast shake when you’re running out of the house in the morning. Blend it up with a little almond butter and raw cacao powder and you’ve got an easy afternoon snack that you can take with you on the way to the gym or as you’re heading to your kid’s ball game.


Seriously, in less than 5 minutes, you’ve just filled your body with a substantial serving of easy-to-digest protein with essential amino acids, dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and a low-glycemic carbohydrate source that will help you to stay energized and maintain a healthy weight. You probably know that skipping meals can be tragic for the body and its systems, and can ultimately lead to weight gain, even through you’re not eating that much.


Our 7.2 Greens powder is a simple way to incorporate alkaline foods into a busy schedule.


Just mix our great-tasting 7.2 Greens into coconut water, non-dairy milk, orange juice, or any other organic, fresh-squeezed juice and enjoy a complete vegan meal that contains dozens of greens and superfoods.


You’ll get just the right amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you nourished, and actually encourage gentle detoxification. An added bonus for people who lead busy lives, and often end up with toxins stored in the body.


If you’re looking for foods to take with you when you travel, our 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Greens powder will allow you to bring your alkaline diet along with you wherever you go.


Just mix with a little water or vegan beverage of your choice, and you’ve got a quick meal in less than 5 minutes that you can enjoy at the airport, in a cab, or between meetings.


Try our organic 7.2 Shake and 7.2 Green supplements, and get on the path to good health no matter how much time you have in your day.



About The Author

The author entrepreneur, and business consultant who eats healthy, works out 4 times a week and keeps her body alkaline through proper nutrition. Her upcoming book will teach busy women and Mom's how to get fit, stay healthy, and live the alkaline lifestyle with a very small investment of time and money.