How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Greens


If you’ve ever tried to get your kids to their greens, you may have run up against more than just a little resistance. What is it about green food that leaves most children begging for anything else in the world to be on their plate?


There are always a few kids that can be seen eating nori rolls when their 2, or inhaling broccoli like it’s candy. But, if your children would rather sit at the dinner table all night long than eat just a few bites of salad greens, you’re going to have to be creative to get the vital nutrients in their system that come from green vegetables.


Kids have to be taught when they’re young that eating vegetables is non-negotiable.


You can tout the health benefits of veggies to your kids all you want, but the bottom line is that if they don’t like the flavor, it’s going to be tough to get them to eat enough greens to deliver all of the nutrients they need.


Just like adults, children need to eat alkaline foods to keep their bodies healthy and functioning optimally. Greens are some of the best foods on the planet for an alkaline diet, and when you can find a way to make them taste good, you’re on your way to instilling good eating habits in our kids.


It’s been said that you may need to try a food at least 15 times to become accustomed to the taste and actually find it palatable. When you’re trying to raise healthy kids, sometimes playing the waiting game is just not the best idea.


What if you could feed your children organic green superfoods like kale, broccoli sprouts, spinach, parsley, cabbage, and even dandelion leaf, and have them actually devouring it and requesting more?


Our 7.2 Greens powder is a great-tasting greens supplement that kids go crazy over. Add a couple of scoops into the blender with some non-dairy milk and a banana, and you’ve got a healthy smoothie that’s filling their little bodies up with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate our 7.2 Greens powder into a healthy breakfast for children. Add a little raw cacao and mint to their breakfast smoothie for a yummy, minty shake, or throw a couple of tablespoons of almond butter or some frozen strawberries.


You can even whip up a batch of healthy, raw brownies with our 7.2 Greens as an ingredient, and serve your kids a dessert that’s incredible tasting and good for them. Our 7.2 Greens powder tastes good enough to eat straight off of the spoon, but it’s also easily adaptable for all kinds of uses.


Start your kids off on the right path to wellness, by teaching them that with a little creativity you can turn alkaline foods like green veggies and green cereal grasses into fantastic meals.


Make a habit of letting them help you prepare their green food, and soon you may be surprised that they’re using our 7.2 Greens powder to make green juices, green potatoes, green soups, and other meals that are an essential part of an alkaline diet.



About The Author

The author entrepreneur, and business consultant who eats healthy, works out 4 times a week and keeps her body alkaline through proper nutrition. Her upcoming book will teach busy women and Mom's how to get fit, stay healthy, and live the alkaline lifestyle with a very small investment of time and money.