Attention Coffee Drinkers: Finally Doctor’s Agree on a Healthy Coffee

When you’re trying to get healthier, most experts agree that increasing your intake of nutrient-rich foods is critical. Nourishing plant-based foods create an alkaline environment in the body, and help internal systems stay balanced and disease free.

As much as we don’t like giving up foods that we like that bring us comfort, many of these same experts say that there are certain acidic foods that promote illness in the body.


Coffee is one of those acidic foods that when enjoyed in small amounts can be just fine, but is disastrous to your health when you’ve got a full-blown coffee habit.

Many of us do find ourselves turning to coffee as a quick pick me up the morning, a late afternoon source of energy, or even a beverage that brings us peace and solace in trying times.

Super acidic foods like coffee can have a place in a healthy diet when the majority of your food comes from plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Research shows that taking a balanced approach to health and eating is can be better in some instances than swearing off certain foods, especially when these foods come from nature.

Moderation certainly doesn’t mean that you should eat a cheeseburger every day, or make packaged, processed foods a regular part of your diet, however.

With acidic foods like coffee, where some research actually points to it having a few redeeming qualities, it’s best to learn how to make your acidic beverage as healthy as possible to keep in line with an optimal alkaline lifestyle.


After all, when you can easily counter the negative effect of coffee, by transforming an acidic food to an alkaline one with a completely natural and taste-free product, there’s only more health and wellness to be gained.

7.2 Recovery Powder helps neutralize highly acidic beverages like coffee and tea, making them alkaline. Coffee Drops are the perfect compliment to an already alkaline diet, and a brilliant “fix” for beverages that you don’t want to remove from your lifestyle.

7.2 Recovery quickly alkalizes the body, but these tablets also act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. People see remarkable changes to their health when they add Coffee Drops to their coffee, tea, and even drinking water. There are some people that go as far as adding Recovery tablets to their red wine.

7.2 Recovery Powder are simply a convenient way to take hold of the alkaline movement and work toward creating an alkaline environment in your body, as you’ll start to realize the need to improve the quality of everything that goes into our mouth.

7.2 Recovery Powder alkalize coffee and take it from one end of the spectrum, an acidic pH of about 4.5, to the other so you’ll end up with a beverage that becomes 8.5 to 9.5 depending on the coffee.


Coffee Drops are perfect for any liquid that is acidic because it creates an oxidative reduction potential, which means it’s a super anti-oxidant.

Acidic foods and an acidic lifestyle cause our bodies to degenerate and wear out, aging prematurely. Anti-oxidants slow down these steps, and that is the benefit of a supplement like Coffee Drops.

If you’re thinking about ways to start turning toward a more alkaline diet by eating more leafy greens and other alkaline foods, now you can quickly alkalize your favorite coffee with 7.2 Coffee Drops.


7.2 Alkaline Tablets for your coffee

SevenPoint2™ Recovery Tablets help neutralize highly acidic beverages making them alkaline. Your acidic beverage such as tap water, coffee, or other beverage can become healthier by using these tabs!

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